Forms & Permits

Online Resources
  • Automatic Water Bill Payment Authorization - Through participation in this program, the Village will automatically deduct payment of your water/sewer/refuse collection bill from your checking or savings account.
  • Building Permit Application - Click here for more information regarding the Building Permit or print the Building Permit Application Information Sheet below.
  • Building Permit Application Information Sheet - More details concerning the Building Permit can be found here.
  • Business Application - License fees must be paid at time of filling out business application.  New businesses must attend a Village Board Meeting for Board approval.  Any misrepresentations or falsification of the information sought may result in revocation of the license granted.
  • Contractor's Registration - All contractors working in the Village are required to register at the Village Hall before permit will be issued.  Click here for more information.
  • Dog License Permit - Read about license fees here.
  • Electrical Permit - Specifically for contractors.
  • Employment Application - Application for employment with the Village of Chicago Ridge.
  • Freedom of Information Act - All requests to inspect, copy, or certify public records of the Village of Chicago Ridge must be submitted to the Village in writing. The Village encourages to submit their requests on the form available here. The Village will review all written requests in any form. The Village will review and respond to each written request in a manner consistent with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. For more information click here.
  • HVAC Questionnaire - Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Questionnaire.
  • Mechanical Permit - Specifically for contractors.
  • Plumbing Permit - To be completed for any type of plumbing job.