Domestic Violence Incidents

Stand Against Domestic Violence

The Chicago Ridge Police Department is widely known for their stand against Domestic Violence. Anytime the police are called to the scene of a domestic incident, a report will be written. If there are signs of a domestic battery, an arrest will be made regardless of either parties’ wishes. We realize every family deals with the tensions and pressures of marriage and child rearing and we are there to help in a discrete manner. However, violence is never an acceptable method of dealing with these matters.

Orders of Protection

If an order of protection and/or warrant is being sought, the victim will be advised to report to the police station the following morning (except on Sunday) and an officer will accompany them to the courthouse with the appropriate paperwork.

Contact & Followup

The department has officers assigned to follow-up on domestic violence cases. If you have any questions regarding these matters, feel free to contact the police department on either our non-emergency number at 708-425-7831 or our Domestic Violence 24 Hour Line at 708-429-7255.